1 May 2011

10 Reasons to vote Green

Excellent post from Adrian in Reading Green Party:

1. Fight the cuts to services. The Green Party stands full-square in opposition to these cuts. Instead of a response to a crisis of capitalism, this is an agenda the Tories have long wanted; let the wealthy dodge taxes meanwhile cut services for the rest of us. We should cut instead things we don't need, Trident, subsidy for the arms trade and nuclear power. And stop these wars that help no one yet cost lives and billions.

2. Tax fairly. After years of Labour, inequality is greater in Britain now than any time since World War II. This will worsen under current government. The changes we fight for are for banks and corporations to pay their way: a Robin Hood Tax on banks, the closure of tax loopholes, the collection of high-earner tax and ultimately for the 50% rate to apply to those on £100,000 and over. Our taxes will be fairer and redistributive, not with the heavy bias to the rich that we see now.

3. Free University Eduction. No to tuition fees. Other parties u-turn on this was stunning. This is not what people voted for last year, with us you get what you vote for. We are getting concerned with academy schools http://www.greenparty.org.uk/region/westmidlands/news/Academy-Schools.html


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