5 May 2011

Amazon people say economist de Soto is a threat to their survival

In the past indigenous land was stolen with impunity and ideological support was given by economists who attacked indigenous people as backward.

The indigenous today have a voice and they no longer take the slanders and lies. The well know economist de Soto, who is ignorant of Elinor Ostrom's work on commons, insists the Amazon be parcelled into private property. The indigenous were massacred at Bagua in 2009, the right wing Presidential candidate and daughter of a disgraced President Keiko Fujimori does not respect the indigenous of the Amazon.

However the indigenous have a voice, just translated this, original in Spanish here.

Once were warriors once again are warriors, Aidesep are stunning, but today's warriors have amazing women leaders and use non violent direct action to fight for the forests.

AIDESEP, May 3, 2011.

The vice president of the Interethnic Association for Development of the Peruvian Amazon - AIDESEP, Daysi Fasabi Zapata, says the presence of Hernando de Soto is a "threat " to the indigenous people, as the economist's advice to the presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori represent a policy of alejadísima

Keiko and de Soto theories are based on the Westernization of the people, when we want a development in harmony with the forest (stated Zapata).

"He can not speak or comment on indigenous peoples because we take any decision in assembly. He is not familiar with our idiosyncrasies and, he believes in a destructive development unrelated to our worldview and reality, "warned the leader of the Yine indigenous people.

Fasabi Zapata Soto recalled how de Soto's proposed spread of the 'Mystery of Capital' attacked Amazonian Indians where individual titling of communal lands would occur [...] as wrong, wrong to put his conception of development over the democratic choice of indigenous people.

It 'is more an act of sabotage against the people rather that a technical oversight.'

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Dulantha said...

Economists who are following the theories of development cannot trust.
They are great pretenders and they do not love the nature too. Even they do not respect to it.

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