2 May 2011

Bolivia’s Act of the Rights of Mother Earth (my translation)

Actually not my translation, I am still working on my Spanish, but Karen Hoffman's here, gracias Karen!

I think its a fair criticism that Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador proclaim 'Mother Earth Rights' and 'Ecosocialismo' while relying on fossil fuel economies.

However, at least they have good intentions, in countries like the UK its all about growth/waste/extractive economy, we for example wasted our North Sea oil when it was plentiful and cost just $10 a barrel, now oil is $120 ish our economy is suffering from oil price shocks.

We failed to make the transition, so cannot rightly criticise.

Yes a long long way to go in countries like Bolivia however they are mapping the path.

Very very much with the Elinor Ostrom assumption of ecology and commons not a 'traditional planned socialist economy'.

The EU, USA and UK really work hard against countries like Bolivia and suck up to states like Peru and Colombia who kill indigenous and wreck the rainforests.

If you have an extractive economy and want to get the oil, etc out as quickly as possible the 'West' loves you....if you care about people and the environment, lets face it there will be a propaganda war against you.

Any how found this translation of the Mother Earth Rights law just passed in Bolivia....essential principles I think for a future that works.

Article 2. (PRINCIPLES). The binding principles that govern this law are:

1. Harmony. Human activities, within the framework of plurality and diversity, should achieve a dynamic balance with the cycles and processes inherent in Mother Earth.

2. Collective good. The interests of society, within the framework of the rights of Mother Earth, prevail in all human activities and any acquired right.

3. Guarantee of the regeneration of Mother Earth. The state, at its various levels, and society, in harmony with the common interest, must ensure the necessary conditions in order that the diverse living systems of Mother Earth may absorb damage, adapt to shocks, and regenerate without significantly altering their structural and functional characteristics, recognizing that living systems are limited in their ability to regenerate, and that humans are limited in their ability to undo their actions.

4. Respect and defend the rights of Mother Earth. The State and any individual or collective person must respect, protect and guarantee the rights of Mother Earth for the well-being of current and future generations.

5. No commercialism. Neither living systems nor processes that sustain them may be commercialized, nor serve anyone’s private property.

6. Multiculturalism. The exercise of the rights of Mother Earth requires the recognition, recovery, respect, protection, and dialogue of the diversity of feelings, values, knowledge, skills, practices, skills, transcendence, transformation, science, technology and standards, of all the cultures of the world who seek to live in harmony with nature.


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