20 May 2011

Five cheers for Liz Campbell!

We seem to be gaining councillors every day at present, there is a revolt against neo-liberalism and left leaning political activists are joining the Green Party.

We have a clear commitment to social justice and against cuts, we need to build on this and keep moving forward!

Well done to Liz Campbell who is now the first Green Party district councillor in Milton Keynes.

She said today:

“The Green Party is not just about the environment. I have always strongly supported social justice and believe that we should save services, not cut them,” she said.

“Unlike the traditional parties, who all share a privatisation and cuts agenda, the Green Party is willing to stand up for ordinary local people, and I’m happy to stand with them.”



Tracey Smith said...

Terrific news - well done Liz! Duly shared your success on my FB page...best, TSx

sarah haughton said...

wicked, well done!

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