15 May 2011

Green leader promises cuts.

The economic climate is difficult and Central government is insisting we all take a hair cut to pay for the banking crisis.

Essentially bankers bonuses are being funded by cuts in old people's centres and vital services.

So I am pleased that the new Green Party Mayor of Oxford, Elise Benjamin, is cutting all the Mayor's stuff, councillors should take cuts and work in a greener way.

In many councils the councillor expenses, ceremonials and chain waving are being conserved, while vital services are cut.

Also of course nice to see greens being green and going by bike not car.

She said: “My first twinning visit will be to Bonn at the start of June and I will be travelling by train. As a Green, I prefer not to fly and I think it’s much better for the environment to travel by train.

“I am trying to find out if I can keep the Lord Mayor’s bike at my house after it was donated by Cyclox a few years ago. I will cycle to engagements as much as I can to avoid using the Lord Mayor’s car, the Toyota Prius, and I can wear a replica chain when I am cycling, to keep the real one safe.

“Using the bike will also help to keep costs down at a time when councils are trying to save money.”


The Green Party does need to be a central part of the campaign against cuts, imaginative money saving is not the main issue, opposing cuts full stop is the priority.

We need an economy for the billions not the billionaires!

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