29 May 2011


See some of you in Gateshead on 25th June, be great to be back in the North East, last time I was up was helping the Green Party candidate in the Sedgefield by-election a few years back.

South of Tyne Transition Town’s are organising the South of Tyne Transition Green Fest at Bill Quay Farm,
Hainingwood Terrace, Gateshead on Saturday 25th June (11am – 4pm).

Although the event is being organised by Transition Town South of Tyne, Bill Quay Farm are going to support
us by providing a tent and seating for the talks and entertainment (to be supervised and provided with
electricity by Bill Quay Farm staff), reserving the car park for stalls, offering us the classroom for educational
activities and catering for our needs in their cafe (by providing vegan, vegetarian and organic meat options
and an extra outdoor drinks and snacks stall for children). They have asked that the event be kept gentle,
family friendly and alcohol free.

Activities for children will include making boxes to attract various forms of wildlife such as solitary bees and games organised by woodcraft folk.

11-12am: Bill quay farm beekeepers

12-1pm: Live music from The Corn Sisters

1pm – 2pm: Live music from Summer Tumblers: emily.blyth@sunderlandgreenparty.org.uk

2pm-3pm: Sally Reckert, Transition Town Richmond, talk on forest gardening: sally@transitionrichmond.org

3pm-4pm: Derek Wall, former green party principal speaker, talk on Internationalism, Survival and the Environment

Volunteers are still needed, especially for stewarding. Please contact annaheyman2006@yahoo.co.uk or shirley.ford@stgreens.org.uk.

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