29 May 2011

Green MP smashes watch on exit from a polluted parliament

My favourite green politician and if the truth be told the one I am closest to politically and personally of course is Nandor.


Its later than you think says Nandor.

If you don't know the video, enjoy. Reminded by this as its the great man's birthday today, 29th May.

Nandor kindly wrote this for a book of mine, Jah Rastafari!, he is a man with a strong hold on the economics of sensible sustainability as you can see from this snippet:

We humans think that we can own the planet, as if fleas could own a dog. Our concepts of property ownership are vastly different from traditional practises of recognising use rights over various resources. A right to grow or gather food or other resources in a particular place is about meeting needs. Property ownership is about the ability to live on one side of the world and speculate on resources on the other, possibly without ever seeing it, without regard to need or consequence.

The ability to "own" property is fundamental to capitalism. Since the first limited liability companies - the Dutch and British East India Companies - were formed, we have seen the kidnapping and enslavement of 20 - 60 million African people and the rape, murder and exploitation of indigenous people around the world. Colonisation was primarily about mercantile empires, not political ones. It was all about forcing indigenous, communitarian people to accept private individual ownership of resources, which could then be alienated, either by being bought or stolen. The subsequent political colonisation was just about how to enforce that ownership.

Today property rights are being extended through GATT and TRIPS agreements and through institutions such as the WTO and the World Bank. Private property rights are being imposed over public assets such as water, intellectual property and, through genetic engineering and biopiracy, on DNA sequences. Even traditional healing plants are under threat. In Aotearoa - New Zealand we have had multinationals attempting to patent piko piko and other native plants. This is all part of the "free" trade corporate globalisation agenda - to create tradeable rights over our common wealth, accumulate ownership and then sell back to us what is already ours.

This is only possible because we have lost our place in the scheme of things. We think of the environment as something "over there", as something separate from human activity, something to either be exploited or protected. The reality is that we are as much part of the environment and the planet as the trees, insects and birds.



Anonymous said...

Jah Rastafari!!!

Hating gays in a town near you soon...

retarded religious cuntards

Derek Wall said...

fuck off troll, I think you critique yourself so have decide to publish your bizarre and offensive rantings.

Now run along back to your hole.

James Smyth said...

Nandor is my inspiration! Great man, a breath of fresh air to boring and deaf politics. Inspiring to people who wouldn't usually give a fuck.

Also, to the guy who hates on rastafarians, Nandor Tanczos was one of the big advocates in favour of Civil Unions in New Zealand when they where brought in, and spoke in favour of them in parliament.

David said...

I fully agree: The reality is that we are as much part of the environment and the planet as the trees, insects and birds.
And it's time to change the inner as well as the outer climate for the better. Here's Michel Montecrossa's video Tree On The Hill - dedicated to the international year of forests http://vimeo.com/24382387

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