1 May 2011

No Redd + free Territories, Rights and Autonomy of Indigenous Peoples

(This is my rough translation)

AIDESEP, April 28, 2011.

Meeting in the city of Iquitos, eight regional organizations, including the federations of the Amazonian people gathered in AIDESEP and the solidarity of the CONACAMI, denounced the danger of catastrophe and destruction of the Amazon basin, expressed in the irregularity of the seasons, massive flooding, frequent droughts, disappearing rivers, species extinction, natural disasters, agricultural losses and increased disease.

The Apus meeting noted that there is a natural climate change, but the development model leads to global warming that generates gaseous pollutants from the industrialized countries and is exacerbated by deforestation, predation and pollution of local mining, monocultures, biofuel plantations, large hydro, and improper practices of subsistence.

The meeting called for the reduction of global warming gases, changing the lifestyle of the dominant economic and social system and stressed the historical ecological debt of a handful of powerful countries who use an average of 3.8 global hectares per capita for consumption while the majority survive in poverty using 1.4 Ha while recognizing the contribution of indigenous peoples to humanity to keep alive this planet for thousands of years and wants to destroy the last century.

They warned that the draft Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation - Redd + or the program of sustainable resource management, approved at the Cancun Summit of 2010 of the Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC is driven towards false solutions for global climate aggression, which will make speculative financial gains, but it will not prevent limit reaching the limit temperature rises to three degrees of temperature, where global climate and environmental disasters will be irreversible.

And reported that the Hong Kong company SCRL ("Sustainable Carbon Resources Limited, represented by Australian citizen David John Nilsson) is dividing and pressuring the Matsés Village, to sign a business contract and carbon in which our brothers provide 420 000 hectares of forest, give total power to a company with only $ 10,000 Ending the control of carbon, forests, intellectual property and ways of life of Matsés, which shows bad faith, forcing to sign English contract subject to English law and tried without maturity, and threatens to prosecute those who reported this scam.

So, they demanded the intervention of the Attorney General and the expulsion from Peru of Nilsson. This is a bad example of a "bubble Redd" similar to 100 projects of scams in the world (Papua, Indonesia, Congo, etc.) and others who are trying to do in bad faith in Mother of God, Amazonas, San Martin, between others, which tramples the rights of indigenous peoples, seeks to control the forest and carbon of indigenous territories, dividing our people with illusions of nonexistent $1ms. The promoters of the Redd + (Peruvian State, multilateral banks, UN) have a duty to intervene and stop this "bubble " and fraud as indicated.


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