11 May 2011

Five logging camps, thirteen heavy machines set on fire!

The destruction of global ecology by an economy based on produce, consume, throwaway is not even on the agenda.

A gun is pointing at our heads and we ask what colour wall paper is best.

Trivia rules.

Indigneous people are taking action, if environmental politics is about personal moralism or token action it is apolitical....don't load the gun with lead free bullets fight for an economy based on enough, on social sharing on needs.

Indigenous people are under assault, their well managed land raped for palm oil, timber, oil and governments like the UK's always press for 'free trade agreements' to take their land.

This is the situation on the ground in Sarawak:

Residents from 10 Bidayuh villagers this week set fire to five logging camps and
thirteen heavy machines in a stark protest against logging activities on their
land, in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

As reported by Free Malaysia Today, the Bidayuh villagers took matters into
their own hands because of the governments refusal to address their [...]

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