22 May 2011

Fuel on the Fire

Just had this, looking forward to going tomorrow night...

Hi Folks,

Just a quick reminder about the exciting launch of Greg Muttit's gripping new book 'Fuel on the Fire' on Monday evening.

7-9pm SOAS Khalili Theatre

Greg Muttit will be in conversation with Madeleine Bunting, Associate Editor of the Guardian. The event will be interactive, with plenty of opportunities for discussions and a Q+A with the author.

As news reports reveal that the UK government's latest military adventure in an oil rich country, Libya, will cost the UK taxpayer at least £1 billion http://www.facebook.com/l/ed790V-SrxZAeqJplnq31gyRJVg/tinyurl.com/44eesg6 - we'll be talking about the drivers of these wars and the impact of subsequent occupations. Most importantly we'll be discussing how social movements in Iraq have been resisting the corporate takeover of their country and what we can do to support them.

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