9 May 2011

Socialist Green Coalition will fight to win in Durban!

The Socialist Green Coalition (SGC) announced its Election Declaration to
the People on Friday 6th May 2011. Meeting on the steps of the Durban City
Hall at 2:30pm the SGC introduced its electoral candidates to the crowd
which included representatives from the Democratic Left Front (DLF), Muslim
Youth Movement, African Muslim Youth Congress and Socialist Party of Azania
(SOPA). Alan Murphy (SGC Coordinator) spoke on the SGC's aims and objectives
as well as its broad election manifesto, before the candidates made the
following public pledge.

The pledge is unique to electoral politics in South Africa as the candidates
undertook to not only take a two thirds cut in remuneration, and be
subjected to recall, they also pledged not to under any "circumstances
tender for municipal and other state contracts either directly or
indirectly". The event was formally witnessed by Roy Chetty, a member of the
Democratic Left Front (DLF) who acted as the programme-director.

SGC is endorsed by the DLF as the only electoral choice in the eThekwini
Municipal elections that complies with its principles and requirements.

Signed : Alan Murphy

Fax 0866522614





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