5 Nov 2006

Aaron Dixon: elect him as the first Green Party senator tomorrow

There are some interesting Green contenders in tuesday's mid terms, this is from a Democracy now article, original here.

Opinion polls suggest Byron de Lear could win the first green party seat in congress, he is polling strongly agains a pro war Democrat, don't know much about his politics, you can read or listen here, though.

The Green Party nominee for Senate in Washington is Aaron Dixon. Last week, Dixon was arrested at a local television station for entering the lobby and demanding that he be included in a televised debates between his Democratic and Republican opponents. Dixon talks about his arrest, and says Democratic representatives tried to bribe him to drop out of the race. [includes rush transcript]


Aaron Dixon’s Biography

Aaron Dixon feels very fortunate to have parents who taught him from an early age the importance of standing up, not only for the rights of individuals but for humanity as a whole. As an adolescent, he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to end housing discrimination in Seattle, and was one of the first volunteers to participate in the busing program to integrate schools. As a young adult, he was appointed Captain of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP).

Through the BPP, Aaron served his community for ten years in numerous ways. He advocated for black high school students when their civil liberties were violated; he started the Free Breakfast for School Children program that fed thousands of hungry African American children; and he helped to open a free community medical and legal clinic. Aaron’s legacy of leadership during these years made a long-lasting, positive impact. The free medical clinic continues to this day as the Carolyn Downs Clinic, now part of Country Doctor Community Health Center. Aaron also became involved in electoral politics when he worked on the mayoral campaign of Lionel Wilson, who was elected as the first black mayor of Oakland in 1977.
Aaron with wife Farah Nousheen and son Zain Aaron with wife Farah Nousheen and son Zain
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Since his years with the BPP, Aaron Dixon has been working effectively for nonprofit organizations that serve the public in different ways—from preventing drug and gang violence to providing shelter for youth on the streets. In 2002, he founded his own nonprofit organization, Central House, providing transitional housing for homeless young adults. Central House also has a Youth Leadership Project that operates at four Seattle public high schools. It teaches youth to think positively, graduate high school, and control their own destinies. It also teaches them the importance of serving their community.

Aaron’s passion and life’s work is to empower youth. One of his objectives in this campaign is to motivate youth to vote and to get involved in national and international politics.

Aaron is the father of six and a father figure for many. He recently married Farah Nousheen, a media activist and founder/director of Tasveer, a grassroots organization committed to independent South Asian film. They live in Beacon Hill with their combined large family.


tim said...

It's exciting news if that's true about delear. http://www.delearforcongress.org/D
I have seen him speak at a Los Angeles Green Party house party. He's great at articulating an anti-corporate agenda and emphasizing the internationalism of the progressive and eco movements. He really has run a good campaign. As far as I can tell, he seems to have at least half-way decent politics, although I can't say for sure whether he would answer to the name "ecosocialist" or not. Having him in congress will definitely be welcome and a nice step in the right direction.

Matt Sellwood said...

I'm afraid that, unless my radar is *way* off, delear is not going to be winning on Tuesday. The only polling info that I have found is a non-binding online poll on DailyKos which:

a) Doesn't limit itself to people within CA-28
b) Is of self selecting leftish progressives!

I'm sure DeLear is a good candidate, but no point in deluding ourselves...

On the other hand, Bernie Sanders is going to become the first ever socialist senator on Tuesday, so its all looking up!

Derek Wall said...

yes I was a bit skeptical of the opinion poll, hope he wins though and other greens do well.

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