20 Nov 2006

RESPECT resignations

Interesting post on Liam Mac Uiad's blog, Liam is a member of Socialist Resistance who have supported RESPECT but clearly the level of control freaky has got too much for him. I was afraid that RESPECT would make it more difficult for Jean Lambert and Caroline Lucas to get re-elected, also having seen the SWP mess up the Socialist Alliance, I didn't think that an alliance essentially between them and George Galloway would be very stable. Linking progressive Muslims, the left (pretty homeless after the decline of the once strong labour left around Tony Benn) and greens sounded good but it hasn't delivered.

The Green Party is not perfect but the basic idea of free discussion is there, which is essential. The left has been poor at allowing debate to occur. The Tommy Sheridan affair has been pretty tragic as well, lets avoid 'leaders' neither 'Washington nor Moscow' perhaps should be no to Galloway, Sheridan and all the rest...it is hard job arguing for socialism when one looks at many of the socialists!

Socialism as social justice and a critique of capitalism is necessary but socialists don't always make what is necessary attractive by their actions.

I would say that the fact that SR members seem free to make their own decisions rather than being forced by their organisation to leave or stay in RESPECT on bloc is encouraging.

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