21 Nov 2006

Green garbage

The EU have set strict limits on the amount of waste than can be sent to land fill, local authorities face big fines if they don't reduce what they throw away. So incinerators are on the march but even Bjorn Lomborg in his Skeptical Environmentalist chapter on air pollution notes that the tiny mb10 particles are a possible health danger. For the anti-incinerator campaign go here.

So I am encouraged to see Blackpool council taking a contract with an Australian company dedicated to digesting the waste and recycling with out burning. its here in the guardian

Of course local authority control might be better than corporate, may be a workers rubbish coop might be good...and yes we should all embrace zero waste and get a worm bin but this seems a bit of good news.

How are green local councillors getting involved in waste reduction? Green boxes are now common and recycling is common, local press from greens and the influence of greens in the EU have both helped.

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