18 Nov 2006

'there is no honey on the moon'

It contains swearing, blood and sex, yet still somehow feels like a children's programme. Thirteen-year-olds should love it; anyone else is likely to be more than a little confused.

Taking a rest from my non violent political boxing match with Keith Taylor and have just watched Kidulthood.

Noel Clarke what a star! A little slice of Shakespeare, which is exactly what you expect from someone who received 'Laurence Olivier Award for Most Promising Newcomer..' Grime. London vibes, worth watching.

Here is the wiki take

a lot of media hysteria over this and although this is life plus 10, it is still life for a lot of teens in North Kensington.

Noel is Mickey in Dr Who and has ofcourse written episode 11 'combat' of the excellent Torchwood.

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