6 Nov 2006

Plane Stupid action today

Went to Palace Gate, Kensington Gardens, 4 or 5 of us, several more police, with extensive filming, got searched for offensive weapons, which surprised me.

We then marched off to Thomas Cook and gave out some very smart leaflets, designed like a plane ticket/boarding pass on the dangers of short haul. Quite effective if the press picks up on it but not much danger of direct action and outrage, the feds were though as mentioned out in force.

Thomas Cook were panicked and locked their doors.

Told that Jos Garman was 'gutted' to have missed my 40th birthday and had a copy of my Earth First! book which provides detailed research on how to make an impact with direct action campaign.

Plane Stupid has apparently been holding actions up and down the UK today.

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Jim Jepps said...

Cambridge planestupid was quite exciting as the cops got rather over enthusiastic and started threatening to arrest people for giving out leaflets (what?)

Quite good turnout I thought and I like this idea of keeping the momentum going rather than having one big day of action and then - flop - nothing

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