23 Nov 2006

Green Left motions on travel

The chaos caused in London on the underground because of the mess ups by the PPI firm Metronet has become one of the main news stories this week in the capital. Many travellers have been late for work/appointments etc or have failed to arrive at all. Gordon Brown's insistence on pushing the policy of PPI has resulted in this. London Fed passed the following two motions on Monday night. They were proposed and seconded by two members of Green Left.

It would be good if this information could be circulated to unions, particularly T&G.

Joseph Healy
Southwark Green Party

The London Federation of Green Parties passed two motions on Monday night:

(1) Calling for the tube contractor Metronet to be sacked and for the work
to be brought in-house
(2) Supporting the strike by Metroline bus drivers

The following went out after the meeting:

*Sack Metronet!*
*The London Federation of Green Parties last night passed a motion calling
for the sacking of tube maintenance firm Metronet and for its work to be
brought back in-house.*
*London Green Party Chair, Noel Lynch said "Commuters have suffered too
long from the application of a flawed ideology. Metronet makes £1,000,000
per week but cannot produce even a minimum acceptable service. Only a week
ago the company was slated by the independent PPP arbiter for failing to do
it's job properly. Their inefficiency caused severe disruption to over 1
million tube travellers, affecting peoples' lives and even putting a strain
on the ambulance service. Enough is enough they need to be fired now!" *

Motions proposed by Noel Lynch and seconded by Tim Summers.

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