12 Nov 2006

Life with Derek

Well usual madness. Last monday went to Ann Pettifor's book launch on debt and global politics, I will read it but I was a bit alarmed by her failure to deal with ecological economics and her assumption that capitalism is fine, finance is evil. She even made a throw away remark about Mcdonalds being better than the banks because they made food. Lets have joined up alternative economics.

A much more interesting time on sunday with Lines the London Islamic Environmental Network, where I was pleased to be invited along, lots of lively contributions from the dangers of big supermarkets to debt to the way conventional economics promotes ever growing consumption. If you are a Muslim or have friends who want to learn more about Islam and the environment encourage them to look at this dynamic and thoughtful group. discussion list here

Well, some of you read this just for the worms. I have stuck my pets in the shed, I don't want them harmed by the frosts. Kitchen waste, cardboard cartoons, you name it, all in and the contents look like a horror movie, thousands of them writhing through the filth...its going to give me some hot compost.

I have planted lots of garlic, it grows over winter and you harvest in later spring.

Stern says carbon trading, I say ecosocialism and gardening.

Spent a lot of time reading Stern and writing a review for red pepper.

On another note, pleased to see Freddy Eastwood can stay in his mobile home, I too am a trailer dweller and we are green...i call mobiles low impact homes, so there!

and yes some good results for the US greens

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Anonymous said...

Freddy Eastwood duh duh duh!!!

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