30 Nov 2006

"self indulgent" green campaigners

hopefully see some of you at 12pm tomorrow outside the Indonesian Embassy where I will speak in favour of the free west papua movement.

this is from Sian on Charles Clarke's attack, a bit rich from a former minister in a government whose regulators are pushing rail fares up


Green Party Principal Speaker Siân Berry today responded to Charles Clarke's diatribe against "self indulgent" green campaigners:

"Most people and organisations do want to make their own contribution in the fight against global warming, and it is up to the government to adopt the right policies to ensure it is easy for them to do this.

"It is self-indulgent for anyone in the parliament to talk about what individuals can do when they, as politicians, are well placed to ensure the right framework is in place for us all.

"Sadly Charles Clarke's government is making it daily more difficult for people to make environmentally friendly choices in their everyday lives - only this week we saw above inflation increases in rail fares - that make flying the cheapest option across several UK domestic routes! This is in stark contrast to Clarke's call for 'higher quality and cheaper transport.'

"Last month, the much vaunted climate change bill proved to be toothless and inadequate in it's refusal to set binding targets.

"Mr Clarke claims to believe the key to success over energy is more conservation and a 'dramatic increase' in the proportion of energy which comes from renewable sources. But the government have gone for the nuclear option - which ensures that exactly the opposite will happen: yet more money drained away from cutting-edge renewables in favour of old fashioned nuclear power.

"If Mr. Clarke reallly wants to beef up his green credentials, he should call for an end to aviation expansion, oppose the government's 30 billion pound road-building programme, and work to ensure New Labour abandons its steadfast support for nuclear power."

Charles Clarke is MP for Norwich South - one of the Green Party's target parliamentary seats. We have 11 Green Cllrs in Norwich South, and expect to make more gains in May 2007.


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Lesley Hedges said...

The best answer to calling green campaigners self indulgent is from the Peruvian Green Party's website "The environment isn't a luxury for the rich it's a necessity for the poor".

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