6 Sep 2007

Being rude to leaders is a neccessity

Hi folks,

well busy as usual, I am tempted to write a book about power, a bit like Babylon, looking at different theories of power and change (rather than anti-capitalist economics) and yes I love writing books, it is a real hit, and in the same way some people are seduced by romantic notions of become 'El Jefe' and changing the world, I am a complete sucker for romantic notions of 'the author'.

Lets sit around all day, typing...they call it blogging today.

To be honest, I am not a total individualist when it comes to the word, I love the writing process but I do it fairly collectively/wiki style....Babylon drafts went out to a whole load of great people Peter Lockley I think read every word and quite a few other people did good work, Xanthe comes to mind but look at the acknowledgements in the book, I think I got you all in.

You write, you get some one to criticise, you rewrite...ground hog day until you are no longer in the suicide stage....honestly it works.

In fact although the leader push has been getting me down, lets talk ground hog day again, parties endlessly cycling with the push of a gently charismatic hand from republican virtue to monarchical excess.....the one positive element has been the collective writing on the no leader side, helping put together some articles for the media.

Anyway power would be Foucault and beyond.

Is there a book in it, may be...you need a free year with a book, which I never get...Babylon was during one or other election campaign and about 30 hours a week teaching, as were all my other books and yes the blog has taken over.

Suffice to say power is not like a chocolate eclair...the leader will insist we must grasp power and use it for the good, they get tempted don't they, just a little bite here and there...voila the whole confectionery has been eaten, the leader is bloated the people starve.

Universal but then power is not like an eclair, a tasty morsel in a safe somewhere guarded by the Swiss Guard...power is more subtle.

I still think most leaders, say to get power....you need giant posters of me, everywhere...because people identify with personalities.

Then they sweet talk their way past the Swiss Guard and eat the cake. There are exceptions but they are rare. I get the impression Muhammed was a brilliant consensual political leader but after his sudden death, succession battles tore Islam apart (theo-political argument for another day!)

Being rude to leaders is a neccessity, it keeps them on track (before you start I hope that Chavez is an exception, he does seem more aware of the risks and I think too many people are rude to him anyway!).

It is interesting the Caesar momement when they decide that they have a destiny.

I like the speaker moment just get as much out in the media, books, blogs, tv, radio, public meetings, you tube...we don't need a single voice for the greens if anything we need to swap Sian and I or our successors for the multitude.

Green voices certainly need to be louder, clearer, deeper....oh fuck it where is the eclair.


Joseph said...

Yes Derek, spot on. As a historian, I can safely state that history points the way and shows us the debris of great leaders and their projects. I have always liked Shelley's poem 'Ozymandias' as it sums up the whole mindset.

And there is always the call for trust and that things will be different this time. I am always reminded of Rosa Luxemburg's warnings of the need for taking on board the views and ideas of others - those with whom we do not agree. Luxemburg was very aware of the dangers of the centralisation of power.

Personality politics is a toxic mix. It tends to destroy not only the personality but also the party which is used as the vehicle for the personality. Pace the Labour Party before and after Blair. Also there are always more and more excuses and justifications used to justify the means towards the ends.

Rather interesting that one of the pro-leader people has recently written a philosophical tome where Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' is mentioned as a source. Worth bearing in mind what happened to the Ring Wraiths and those whose quest for power led them to some very strange places indeed. The wizard Saruman was a grim warning for all those who prized the ring and its promise of power. "One Ring to rule them all.One Ring to find them.One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

weggis said...

Looking ahead to the Leadership vote, and bearing in mind that a two-thirds majority is required for change, I think it is going to be close - but will, I think, stick with the status quo. I may be wrong, we shall see.

So, when Caroline or Jenny gets elected as our "Principal Boy", who is going to be our "Pantomime Dame"?

Well, Derek I refer you to the title of your post.

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