25 Sep 2007

Save the Sharks

well along with the occasional series, things I agree with the Economist, I am also contributing to major eco fuck ups by political allies...yes I am pleased with the new Government in Ecuador, viva the Latin American left but killing sharks for a few votes in key marginal constituencies is inappropriate.

What do I hear? 'no we didn't agree to build the motorway that was the previous minister's decision' or 'we aren't killing them, its just in case they die in an accident'.

well amigos this isn't good enough..

"It is a big mistake. More than 400 sharks are being caught every day - that damages the whole [food] chain," said Esperanza Martínez, of the advocacy group Ecological Action. Others say up to 1,000 are being caught.
Shark fishing remains illegal but President Rafael Correa legalised the sale of fins of sharks caught accidentally, saying the revenue would help impoverished fishermen to feed their families. However, with no clear way to determine whether a shark was caught accidentally or intentionally, the fishermen appear to regard the move as a green light to kill as many as they want in Ecuador's Pacific waters.

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