8 Sep 2007

Jihad against waste/ non violence and Islam

Definitely let’s be more house proud of our beautiful Brum. We have a responsibility for stewardship of the Earth which is beautiful. Join us for the jihad on waste, 23rd September

I must admit I love getting all this eco Islam stuff, ok I am a non Muslim sympathetic to the last prophet but even if I wasn't this is always political in the best sense, cultural, shows an awareness of ecology, etc....i.e worth a look

In Arabic I hear that the Koran is sacred, obviously so because of the poetic quality of its words...I think this from LINE if not sacred is certainly attractive, some environmentalism makes me yawn but news from the climate camp, non violence and Islam and the Jihad against waste are all topics worth reading about.

Remember as both the prophet and the scientists say 'Do Not Waste to Excess!'

Salam, May peace be with you,

In this current edition of Ecobites, there is a review of the Camp for Climate Action and also details of upcoming events, and not all arer in London!: Firstly is, Non-Violence in Islam and how this can inform activists (Ok, this talk is in London) ; the National Climate Demonstration Planning Meeting, in Oxford; and last but not least, the Clean Medina Jihad in Brum.

The details follow....


From the Climate Camp Website: http://www.climatecamp.org.uk

The 24 hours of direct action against climate change which began on Sunday 19th August at noon culminated in a flurry of direct actions throughout England. As previously stated, none of the actions were intended to disrupt passengers, but instead, targeted the corporations who profit from climate chaos.

Sunday the 19th and Monday the 20th August

Carbon offset companies were occupied by protesters dressed as red herrings. Carbon offsetting is a scheme allowing companies and consumers to pay in order to supposedly neutralize their carbon emissions. 'Carbon offsets are ineffective, based on dubious science and lead people to believe they are helping when they are not - the concept and the practice are a con,' said Sophie Nathan, who is taking part in the Carbon Neutral Company action.

Five protesters are in a concrete lock-on outside Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations. Their banner declares, 'Nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos.' Twelve protesters have superglued themselves to the entrance at BP headquarters. They are highlighting BPs essential role in the aviation industry. Protester Stanley Owen said 'We cannot sustain infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.' Eighteen protesters occupied the office of the owners of Leeds airport, Bridgepoint Capital, on Warwick Street in London.

In Harmondsworth village a group of 500, consisting of locals as well as climate camp participants, gathered to listen John McDonnell Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington. He told the government that the third runway will not be built:

'Even with the latest, more efficient aircraft, the climate change imperative demands that air travel growth be severely curtailed. The government can no longer have its cake and eat it. If it's genuinely serious about climate change it must show meaningful leadership to rein in aviation expansion.'

Protesters wore copies of the Tyndall Report on their hands during the mass action, carrying a banner reading, 'We are armed....only with peer-reviewed science'.
Late on Sunday evening, BA World Cargo depot was blockaded for about four and a half hours by eight protestors locked to each-other.

For more action news including earlier in the week, please go to: http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/success.php


2) The London Islamic Network for the Environment (LINE) Monthly Forums:


Date: Sunday 9th Sept 2007
Time: 2.15 pm to 4.45pm
Venue: 4th Floor, Muslim World League, 46 Goodge Street, London, W1T 4LU (entrance on the corner of Charlotte Street); Nearest Tubes: Goodge Street (Northern Line) & Warren Street (Victoria Line)

Guest Speaker: Abu Muntasir, JIMAS

At this months forum, we will be looking at non-violence in Islamic teachings and history, and how it can inform campaigners and activists today. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, offer insights, and also to hear about environmental campaigning LINE is actively involved with. As usual no charge and open to all.

About the Speaker:

Abu Muntasir is the Chief Executive of JIMAS. He has established numerous study circles across the country and has delivered countless lectures over the years, reaching thousands of people. He is currently doing a MA in Islamic Studies at the University of London. Experienced at delivering talks and engaging in discussion at state schools, church groups and interfaith events he now concentrates in engaging with the community at large, as well as participation in civil society, while ensuring the continuing process of the education of Muslims.

More info: LINE Website: http://www.lineonweb.org.uk ; or call LINE on tel: 0845 456 3960 (local rate)


3) The Campaign against Climate Change (CCC):


Date: Saturday, October 6th
Venue: St Mary's Church, High Street, Oxford,
Time: 1 - 6 pm.
Speakers include: Mark Lynas (Campaigner and Writer), George Marshall.
Come to this meeting to build for the London and international demos on Sat Dec 8th, and plan for the campaign ahead.
Website: www.campaigncc.org


for immediate release.

Photo shoot: Street event
Date: Sunday September 23rd 2007,
Time: 2pm – 7:45pm.
Location: Somerville Road, Off Charles Road) Small Heath. Birmingham B10. Near the Mosque ‘Noor ul Uloom’
Interviews: radio, etc.
Inner City Muslims show the true Jihad: Jihad against litter in inner city Brum… clean up in style

Inner city Muslims and friends will be taking to the streets of inner city Birmingham on 23rd September to launch a jihad (struggle) against waste. Rappers, drummers, flag wavers with litter pickers to hand will converge on Small Heath’s Somerville Road to clean up the district.

Tired of rubbish-strewn streets, Muslims have decided to clean up and recycle, going from mosque to mosque, starting with Noor ul Uloom mosque, Birmingham’s oldest. The Clean Medina Campaign will be launched with a big push, a shout (Allahu Akbar!) and a (movie) shoot (cast of thousands, mujahidin all). We’re also making a film: Smallywood Heath in Brum!

It will already be Ramadhan and with everyone fasting, we might want to take things easy. But it’s a war we’re on, part of the greater war on waste: no small thing and no let up until we’ve made street-trash history. Ordnance will be provided by Birmingham City Council for this feisty, festive Jihad. Clean up! Green up! Clean Medina! Making Brum Beautiful!

Fazlun Khalid of IFEES (Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences) sponsors of Clean Medina campaign, whose international headquarters are in Balsall Heath says “Definitely let’s be more house proud of our beautiful Brum. We have a responsibility for stewardship of the Earth which is beautiful. Join us for the jihad on waste, 23rd September”

As it will already be the fasting month, we won’t be eating until sunset. So have breakfast (Iftar) with us then. All Welcome! Even if you’re not Muslim, of course. These things concern us all. We’ll get the street so clean you can eat off it! Clean Medina! Halal, of course!

For further info and interviews call: 0121 773 0602 or call Assed on 07969 897 607

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Say Derek, what's your personal view on devolution for England?

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There's a wee bit of a debate going on at the Socialist Unity blog, and I was thinking that maybe a green tinge might push things in a different direction...

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