28 Sep 2007

Burma demonstration on sunday in London

Derek...I am shocked you have nto blogged about the situation on Burma at the mo...it seems to be of a higher importance than the Tory conference... I mean is it nto a time to speak up as a politician to express you wishes and to try and mobilise peopel in your party to try and attend the protests and marches being organised to put pressure on the government to do something??

I assumed that everyone knows that I am saffron but if not here goes.....Caroline and Jean have been working hard to mobilise protest against the oppression in Burma.

Burma: A March for Freedom


Burma: Saffron Revolution


Causes - Protest

Time and Place


Sunday, September 30, 2007


11:30am - 4:00pm


From Trafalgar Square to the Burmese Embassy


London, United Kingdom

Green Party statement on Burma


Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek...if u want to add that there is another International Day protest which will be held across different cities across the world on the 6th of October, this Saturday, starting at 12 from Traf Sq

Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek. It is so vital to keep the international attention on Burma so that hundreds of innocent lives (monks, women and children) won't be lost in vain.

Anonymous said...

The details of the London March for Burma on the 6th are here: http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/demonstrations.html

It starts at 11am at the Tate Britain and arrives at 12:45 in Trafalgar Square for a rally. Could everyone please publicise this as widely as possible. Thanks, Alex

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