5 Sep 2007

Legislation for the liver

Well I like a drink or three on occasion and my partner is a publican, its a tough life.

I would agree with Caroline Lucas on this one.

Binge drinking seems to be an epidemic in the UK and we ought to cut back more than a bit, as for smoking I wondering about the pictures of dead sliced up bodies on the bolivar tube...but hey this a good move as well.

I think you can enjoy life in moderation and the odd excess but every Friday night a battle zone either in your liver or on the streets may be not.

Any way on to Caroline.


THE EUROPEAN Parliament is Strasbourg has today rejected calls for EU-wide
health warnings on alcoholic drinks – despite hearing that alcohol is
responsible for a growing number of premature deaths, at a cost to the EU
taxpayer up to €125bn a year.

Greens condemned the decision, which was taken as MEPs adopted an amended
strategy for reducing alcohol-related harm. South-East England MEP Caroline
Lucas said: “I’m extremely disappointed that, given the devastation that
alcohol-related harm can cause, the Parliament has agreed to abandon plans
to harmonise health warnings, in particular concerning pregnant women.

“This u-turn from the report adopted by the Parliament's Environment and
Public Health Committee, in response to the alcohol industry's lobby, sends
the wrong signal about the approach of the EU to tackling this problem.

"There is clear evidence of health problems caused by alcohol consumption
during pregnancy, so it is particularly disturbing that MEPs rejected calls
for appropriate warnings on alcoholic beverages. While the alcohol industry
may simply want to ignore the devastating consequences caused by the abuse
of alcohol, EU lawmakers should treat this problem with the seriousness it

Dr Lucas added: "Alcohol is responsible for at least 7.4% of all early
deaths and ill health in the EU and causes a loss of up to 125 billion euro
each year. Clear labelling about the potential consequences of alcohol
consumption is one way of addressing this problem and we regret that MEPs
have failed to take a strong stance in support of such labelling on
alcoholic beverages. Total freedom for the alcohol market is anti-liberal,
it limits the freedom of people to walk home safely from bars and be safe on
our roads, as well as for children to feel safe at home."


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