4 Sep 2007

Dr Wall back RMT.

Tube maintenance should be brought back 'in house'

Green Party Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall today voiced his support for the Metronet tube workers

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I think a lot of people just hate the fact that London is crippled by a tube strike and don't understand why it is occuring.

Essentially Metro net a private firm took control of the running of a couple of tube lines and then later went into receivership....workers were terrified that they would lose pensions and jobs would be cut.

Unfortunately a big feature of rule by Gordon Brown is the PFI system where private firms running public services and to make a profit sweat their costs through cuts in jobs and the quality of service, contracts get sold on to new companies...its all pretty related to stock market/city moves where people play pass the parcel with debt, work that needs doing and responsibility.

Stock markets rise and private pensions become more valuable from measures that threaten quality of life, jobs, services and environmental quality.

Reversing privatisation and defending from its negative effects involves some pretty robust fighting.

The problem is that the nature of economic activity becomes governed by forces which are increasingly obscure to workers and consumers.


Anonymous said...

Ahh what a shame they had to call of the strikes before it completed its 3days, or they got what they wanted....greater security.

And there was me hoping for a Paris of '68 where the plebeians would rise up against their hitherto serf masters to break the bonds which has subjugated them for so long with its crushing monotony, stifling the creative impulse surging through there veins, waiting to culminate into, the O'so desired, Species Being for everyman...to choose his own path without the shackles of modernity, nay the bonds of the post-modern conditions to hold him steadfast to the a life passed in a blink. O woe is man, for he for whom all was possible has squandered and lost that which made him noble, downtrodden and humiliated the worm slithers past man with pride greater than his, for the worm has not a master and dares to slither hither and thither as he please.....

Derek Wall said...

I suspect that while we all like a bit of sarcasm but you can, anon, take a good thing too far.

I suspect if your pension was in doubt you would be threatening people with a cross bow.

I certainly back the RMT...nobody likes industrial action but sometimes it is necessary

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Derek I think you have misunderstood me here. There isn't the slightest hint of sarcasm here. I fully supported the RMT unions and would have liked them to get their demands!!!

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