14 Sep 2007

How to Save the World at 9AM

This mornings excitement for me was the Green Left 'How to Save the World' fringe, yes at 9AM, in a dungeon like black painted room here at Liverpool Hope university.

It was ably chaired by Tim Summers. I spoke I trying to get the Greens debating power, strategy, change....which will be a big part of my key note speech tomorrow, still worried about this, if you know me you will know that I am always happy to speak at great length without notes...the problem with the key note speech is you need a written copy for the press and this blog and of course this stumps me....I spent hours learning my key note on 'catastrophe' and 'resistance' at the spring conference but when I got up on the podium had to ad lib the whole thing!

Stress...any way enough about me....at the fringe we had 30 people great for 9AM, Jonathon Essex spoke with passion about building economic alternatives, transition towns, link electoral politics to culture change.

I name checked Harry Perkins here of the book 'A very British Coup' written by MP Chris Mullin it is about a left wing Labour Prime Minister destablised and removed by the corporations and the US (today the US and the Corporations support our PMs! from the Labour Party)....talked about the big challenge of going for government as radicals.

As usual the contributions from the fringe goers was impressive and varied, a good serious discussion, covering everying from finance capitalism, to winning local elections, to the Latin American left and Chavez

Two more fringes for me, Green Empowerment the no single leader campaign is bringing in a mystery guest (no its not Tony Juniper from Friends of the Earth!)...I am chairing with Jenny Jones.

also today introducing Nick Hildyard from the Corner House, he is my real political economy hero, he has done so much to fight enclosure and defend, extend, deepen the commons. He is talking about his work with Campaign Against the Arms Trade challenging BAE over the alleged corruption around the Saudi Arms deal!

Sian has just made her key note a big ra ra for the General Election...some great stuff on the Liverpool Lib dem councils support for flying to regenerate the local economy.

right back to the fray!

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Jeremy said...

Thanks for the book! A very helpful overview. My review is up now on makewealthhistory.org

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