1 Sep 2007

The Devil's excrement

Regardless of blame, there is no doubt that oil has devastated much of Ecuador's forests. The question is whether Yasuni, which is said to have more tree species in an average hectare than there are the US and Canada combined, will be next.

For the indigenous tribes who call this home the untapped wealth far beneath the jungle floor is a threat.

"We wish it weren't here," said Wiyame Irumenga, an indigenous leader and forest ranger, tapping a bare foot against the earth. "We wish people would just forget about it."

Well my worry is that with an avalanche of green wash and dubious schemes to buy and sell carbon, the fossil fuel age will simply speed up, parts per million of CO2 will rise to 600 or 700 and we will be in deep hot trouble.

Oil was termed the Devil's excrement by of all people Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo co-founder of OPEC and a former Venezuelan energy minister.

There is a good article here which looks at why the economics of the sudden energy gold rush can be damaging,here.

Off on Press TV to discuss this, this afternoon.

In Ecuador there is a move to keep oil in the ground and I think we need a moratorium on oil extraction to fight climate change.

More on oil free Ecuador here,

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