20 Oct 2007

Great day in Bristol, lots of people came to the East Bristol Green Party conference and I bumped into my old mucker Pete Taylor who showered me with anti-car stickers.



The latest at the Hill Of Tara, where the Irish Govt are trying to build a
motorway through one the most important archaeological sites in Europe (See
SchNEWS 585), is that more ancient burials have been discovered and
protesters are making an emergency appeal for the road to be re-routed. The
road is due to go through forty-odd known sites of ancient historic
interest, with new sites being unearthed during the excavations - and being
promptly destroyed. The latest discovery is at Philpotstown, where the
motorway will cut into the Hill Of Tara, where they have dug up a system of
ancient fields, ceremonial and burial structures, and an Iron Age hill fort.

On a legal front the European Commission is starting legal action against
the Irish Govt over the motorway. The commission decision will force the
Irish government to defend its position at Europe's highest court, which
will lead to fines if it loses the case. The European Environmental
Commissioner says that the National Monuments Act doesn't offer enough
protection for important archaeological sites and that it is in
contravention of directives about environmental assessment. The Irish Govt's
only defence is to say that re-routing will cause delays and cost an extra
200million Euros.

There's an ever urgent call out for people to support and visit the site:
* Contact Tara Solidarity Vigil (from UK dial) 00353(0) 861758557; Fianna
Nua Camp, Rath Lugh: 00353( 0) 861537146
* See www.tarapixie.net www.savetara.com www.tarawatch.org
* There will be a Samhain gathering at Tara Oct 31st - Nov 3rd.- bring
music, food and firewood. www.circlecommunity.org

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