23 Oct 2007

The last time I did nothing was years ago, a day and half of doing nothing is just what the Doctor ordered so feeling a bit chipper, might see some of you at the meetings I am doing in Monmouth, Bath, Birmingham and Croydon.

Well how do we win. I am on the left but the left at least in the OK seem better at fighting than any other part of the spectrum, there is huge interest in the fallout between the Socialist Workers Party and Galloway.

And political parties period tend to get corrupted by power, even the Greens...so can we have a non sectarian left that agrees to differ on some issues but fights for justice shoulder to shoulder or electoral parties that win power without becoming drunken with it.

Is the iron law of oligarchy really balanced by an iron law of democracy?

Answers on a post card or blog comment please

nice thoughs on social movememt reading here, I have the same feeling towards social movements as Homer Simpson has to doughnuts...come here I love you!

They can fuck up as well but worth getting involved with and thinking about.

Nice review and reading list here

I bet this person is really called 'Meeting' but has put it in Mexican to impress, thanks anyway


Nick said...

Surely there can be no iron laws of anything devised by man to promote one or other forms of society. Everything's flexible. (And more importantly, you've exported your damned 'flu and now I've got it too. Bah!)

weggis said...

Precisely, Nick.

But you have to have a flexible mind to see it.

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