1 Oct 2007

Plastic bags: Satan's wrappers

had this from Penny Kemp who is of course a good friend and some one I used to write books with.

For information


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Subject: We've hit 10,000!

Dear Penny Kemp,

We did it! In less than two months we smashed through the 10,000 signatures mark, and currently have just over 12,000 people in support of the pastic bag tax. We can't thank you enough for your help and support.

We have put out a press release, and have sent an official letter regarding the petition to the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and Hilary Benn (SoS DEFRA).

But we don't want it to end here. There has been much buzz in the press recently about a plastic bag tax, which is now supported by the Lib Dems as well as the Greens. We'd like to keep this momentum going, focussing people's attention on this issue and making a change for good.

What You Can Do

We would like you to take to the streets and spread word about the petition and the levy. We have created a document version of th e petition, and we would be massively grateful if you could spend an hour or so in your local shopping centre or supermarket to get some signatures, or take it to your place of work, place of worship or social club. When you are finished you can either enter the information on the online petition and send the paper copies through to us, or just send them through and we'll add them ourselves. Our address is Green England, 17 Hardwick Avenue, Newark, NG24 4AW.

Also, it would be great if you could write to your local MP and your local paper to tell them about the issue - make the most of any contacts you have to spread the word. If you haven't got round to adding a link to the petition to your site, please do so. Please also keep us informed of anything you do, and send us photos of you in action. We'd love to have a section of the site devoted to people's activities around the country.

As always, thank you so much for your support and we look forward to hearing about your endeavours!.



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