22 Oct 2007

Flu strikes Dr Wall

Well I am as sick as a sick person, with the flu I caught off of Joel Kovel last week,

so today sans Havana Club, which is what you need when you have the flu, sitting around watching Queer as Folk, making extra hot curry and regretting I have run out of ron...could this be voodoo from political enemies or instant karma for working too hard. No, no as Wittgenstein used to say 'causes are superstitions'....any way it is knocking the blogging on the head, although I have contributed to a press release on oil addiction, talked to Morning Star and open a number of letters from angry pensioners.

I have a vision of some people practising sorcery to sum up Ludwig and ask him advice.

Been watching too many horror movies as well, The Shining (good), Hellraiser (pretty good), Creep (not very good but charing cross underground is a bit spooky!), is there one about Ludwig Wittgenstein, 'Nightmare on analytic philosophy street' or 'The Prison House of Language'? anyway, stop rambling Dr Wall and get yourself another paracetemol...

thought this was fun from the great politics in the zeros blog...exam for fox tv employees...that reminds me the simpsons are on at 6. hope you like this, its all you are getting, I am concentrating on getting a bit of rest to energise myself for the Green Party meeting in Mommouth tomorrow night.

7. Your response to the “global warming crisis” is to:

a) buy stock in Canadian oil drilling companies in advance of them being able to drill in the now-open Northwest Passage.
b) ridicule global warming activists while doing a).
c) find a crackpot scientist who will “prove” global warming isn’t happening, then feature him repeatedly on my news show.

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studentmedic said...

Glad to see you aren't using being ill as an excuse to be lazy (!)

Hope you get better soon and don't work too hard in the process!!

Anonymous said...

hi ecofascist how ya doing, on behalf of the vast majority of people in this country who know global warming is a looney left scam, i would just like to say, sod off swampy and get well soon

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