17 Oct 2007

Green Party Spring Conference

Dear all

SPRING CONFERENCE, READING TOWN HALL, 14-17th FEBRUARY 2008 - VENUE Spring Conference next year will be in Reading. That is the decision of Conferences Committee.

DATE The dates of the Spring Conference will be 14-17th February.

Had this from conference comm.
Is this because the Principal Speaker lives in Berkshire, I could not possibly comment but it will be nice to cut the travel times down and may be I can put up a few guests at the Wall Dacha in East Berkshire (go on Dr Wall admit you are mobile home dweller!)

any suggestions for fringes, etc...will be well received, other than from trolls...


Charlie Marks said...

oh great. that means you won't want to hold a fringe on the state of the countries bridges...

Edward Gibbon said...

Which of your four homes is that near? The one near your work (at a crammer for rich kids)? Your London flat?


John Sussex said...


Just shut up. What's wrong with Derek working in a crammer? If parents want to pay their hard earned wages to get their kids a better education and a better chance at getting into uni, surely we should encourage that?

We don't need your unconstructive trolling here!


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