18 Oct 2007

Reject the Swedish model for the sex industry

Well said from Sian and Jean,

Siân Berry, Green Party Mayoral Candidate for London, and Jean
Lambert, Green MEP for London, have signed the Safety First!
Petition, which calls for the complete decriminalisation of sex work,
so that the focus of official efforts can be on protecting the most
basic human rights of prostitutes, life and health. (1)

Siân noted that Green Party policy called for the complete
decriminalisation of prostitution on the “New Zealand model”, so that
the focus for sex workers moved on to their safety and wellbeing.

She said: “The so-called ‘Swedish model’ of criminalisation of the
customers of prostitutes is receiving much attention at present, but
the fact is that this approach drives sex work, and particularly
street sex workers, further into the twilight, further from
traditional areas, further into danger.

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AstroTurf said...

I'm from Sweden and I'm very confused on what to think.
1 I doo feel that bying sex is a crime.
2 I wish all sexworkers the best and all respect.

Let the police worry about the sexbyers and let the rest of us care about the sexworkers.
It's the social stigma thats makes this hole buissnes so low.

Dave said...

I am apalled by what has happened in Sweden, once the flagship of sexual liberation.
I hope the Swedish model never arrives here in the UK.
If it does, I'm off!

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