7 Oct 2007

When Sellafield burnt.

Hi All,

Monday & Tuesday 14:15 Afternoon Play: Windscale

Paul Dodgson's play, based on Britain's worst nuclear accident in October 1957 - researched from government documents and interviews with surviving staff from the plant.

Many of us may remember it being in the news. It was described as a minor fire resulting in a small radioactive leak.

It is only recently that full details have been released which show it was a major incident comparable to what happened at Chernobyl.

Martin Deane
Hull GP

thanks Martin


Anonymous said...

The Windscale fire was not on the same scale as Chernobyl. In that case the whole core was involved at Windscale only a relatively small number of fuel elements burnt. The majority of the core is in excellent condition. It is also ludicrous to make statements that it is too dangerous to decommission. It has simply had a very low priority for years mainly because only limited funds are/where available. As usual the truth is rather more prosaic than the wild imaginings of those not in possesion of FACTS.

weggis said...

Those in possession of the FACTS should reveal themselves AND their SOURCES.

Some of us like to check and verify these things.

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