21 Oct 2007

Poles vote today

From Joseph Healy


Poles in the UK vote today and hopefully will help to remove from office a government which has been anti-semitic, homophobic and generally reactionary in the extreme. Carol Dimyon from Brighton GP has organised a bus full of Polish voters travelling to the Polish embassy in London to vote. She was interviewed last night on Polish TV and read a statement in Polish from Caroline Lucas MEP.

This morning at Friends Meeting House in London, myself and the Coordinator of the London Federation of Green Parties will greet the voters after they have voted and offer them Polish cakes and leaflets about the Green Party. I hope in time that the party will be able to produce leaflets in Polish for the huge Polish community living in the UK.

Many of these young Poles will be voting for a more tolerant and open Poland which is looking towards the future and away from the phantoms of the past.

Joseph Healy

GPEx International Coordinator

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