15 Oct 2007

Terracotta protest and more

Martin said to me why don't we go down to the British Museum on sunday, mask up some of the terracotta statues and protest against rising Chinese CO2 emissions....and he did, I am afraid I didn't make it being out of London with my children but he did and got in the Daily Mail and other papers.

I did hook up and support him on the anti-Tasmanian clear cutting demo on saturday

Well done Martin, a good example of a Green Party member using his head to stir up some media attention....

Martin Wyness, a father of two young daughters, said he made the protest on Sunday to draw attention to the lack of international action on global warming and specifically China's growing role in the climate crisis.

"It is a protest against China's CO2 emissions. Nothing was damaged. It was all very respectful," he told Reuters, adding he had then been grabbed by security guards and bundled out of the "First Emperor" exhibition.

More here

So Ming has resigned, I won't repeat my worries about the Green Party getting a leader, the media would just spend their whole reporting succession conflict or would a leader be a wonderful thing?

Socialist Unity blog is still inspiring and informing me, if you are interested in a bit of political gossip read on

Do you want to be part of an organisation where any questioning of the line is met by expulsions and purges?

The history of left politics is littered with failed projects where all-knowing and infallible leaderships have used bureaucratic means to discipline the members, and tell them what to think. But when debate and dissent is stopped then it allows the organisation to build a self-delusional understanding of the world.

Who could they be talking about, seriously folks its a very informative blog and would encourage you all to take a look


Kieran McAlister said...

Of course you would never have any truck with succession conflict, would you, Derek?

After all, you prefer to attack incoming colleagues rather than outgoing ones: "really worried that Caroline Lucas is fronting this as some kind of soft left Kinnock figure who will make the change palatable before being discarded for the Green versions of Smith, Blair and Brown."

I don't know how anyone can take seriously a party that allows its principal speaker to publicly slander its main election hope in this way. You, and your party by votong for you, have utterly let down those who hope for a real progressive force in British politics.

Anonymous said...

Is it really slander to describe someone as 'soft left' and 'who will make the change palatable before being discarded'? How should this worry have been phrased?

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