27 Dec 2007

Bhutto killed

Chilled to hear while blogging the forest item that Benazir Bhutto has been killed, I guess the Pakistan secret service with their long links with Islamic fundamentalism have a murky hand in this.

How tragic for the people of Pakistan and how depressing that all we hear about Pakistan is bloodshed, fundamentamentalism and US backed dictatorship.

Election rallies seem to be regular targets in the country...also a good illustration that al-Qaeda is more of a danger to ordinary citizens in Pakistan, than you and I or the tube.


Paul said...

For once I agree with most of what you say Derek. However given the complexities of Pakistan's problems what would your solution be?

jamesat6 said...

But you're not really saying much.
Bhutto = democracy = good
Musharraf = military dictator = bad

Not mentioning any of the less desirable aspects of Bhutto's past, such as her nepotistic corruption, and support of the Taliban.

No tears should be shed for her.

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