29 Dec 2007

Dogs in danger, coyotes under threat.

I read in the New Scientist about a plan to kill coyotes 'who do $40 million worth of damage' in the US by poisoning them with chocolate...the black stuff kills pets but apparently our faster metabolism can deal with the nasty chemical compound, more here...'Just 240 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate contains enough methylxanthines to kill a 40-kilogram dog, about the size of a German shepherd.
Pest control...the real pests are cutting down the forests for biofuel! (not that I advocate poison as a conservation method even in the case of the government of Papua New Guinea).

My partner's dog tucked enthusiastically into the giant toblerone (which it got hold of while no one was looking) without any obvious ill effect...but your have been warned don't leave your dairy milk around for the pets. Also have a look in a report in Scientific America which is more cautious here

Alison sent me this (below)...thanks Alison....nasty world isn't it...can you believe using live cats and dogs as bait.

Founder member of Greenpeace Paul Watson now heads the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society notorious for confronting the Japanese whaling fleet as they conduct their crucial 'scientific' research. I met one of his crew last year, just before he sailed for Antarctica - talk about live your passion. They have offered various rewards for crimes against sea-life - the fishermen here must be commended for being particularly inventive! Be grateful the pics are blank!

€1,000 (Euros)

For the first successful conviction of a fisherman using a dog or cat as shark bait and €200 for each conviction thereafter
Dogs and cats are also involved in an assault on nature, this time as victims and as bait. On the French island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, fishermen have been using live dogs and cats as bait for sharks.
This practice is specifically outlawed by French law but the law, as in many places throughout the world, is ignored by fishing communities who apparently believe they are above the law.
The dogs and cats have hooks passed through their snouts or through the tendons in their legs and the hooks are attached to lines and rods. The hapless animals are then tossed into the water where their struggles attract sharks.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has sent a message to the police in La Reunion offering a reward of €1,000 (Euros) for the first successful conviction of a fisherman using a dog or cat as bait and €200 for each conviction thereafter.

The following letter was sent to the Chief of Police on La Reunion Island:

To: The Police
La Reunion Island
The international Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is offering a reward of 200 Euros to any police officer who successfully enforces the law prohibiting the use of dogs and cats as bait for the catching of sharks.
The Society is offering a reward of 1,000 Euros for the first conviction and 200 Euros for each conviction thereafter.
The reward will be paid upon the successful conviction of any person found guilty of using dogs or cats as bait in shark fishing as defined by the laws of France that specifically outlaw this practice.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society wishes to advise all police captains that they may submit the names of officers who have arrested suspects for using dogs or cats as shark bait and that the reward will be paid directly to the officer or officers upon a successful conviction.

dog with hook through nose small dog with hook in foot and leg small dog with hook in foot

La Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Internationale offrira une récompense de 200 Euros à tout officier de police qui renforcera de manière efficace la loi interdisant l’ utilisation de chiens en tant qu’ appât pour attrapper les requins.
La Sea Shepherd Conservation Society offrira une récompense de 1000 Euros pour la première inculpation et 200 Euros pour chaque suivante.
La récompense sera versée au terme de chaque inculpation réussie de toute personne reconnue coupable d’utilisation de chiens en tant qu’appât pour pêcher des requins. Comme il est clairement specifié par les lois de la France, cette pratique est absolument interdite.
La Sea Shepherd Conservation Society tient à informer tous les capitaines de police qu’il pourra s’avérer necessaire de fournir les noms des officiers
ayant arrêté les suspects responsables de l’utilisation de chiens en tant qu’appât à requins. La récompense sera versée directement à ou aux officiers responsables de l’inculpation réussie des dits suspects.
Captain Paul Watson
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Anonymous said...

horrid! me and my friends are leading a petition against la reunion! it's sick, isn't it?!

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