16 Dec 2007

Tommy Sheridan arrested

Tommy Sheridan former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party arrested, from the Herald...this one will run and run, set ups from the establishment have been common, think of the constructed Arthur Scargill mortgage affair and Galloway forgery found in Iraq linking him to payments for Oil (a false document aimed at attacking him as an opponent of the war).

If we go back a little further let us not forget the strange case of Victor Grayson

Grayson threatened to expose Gregory in 1920 when he announced: 'This sale of honours is a national scandal. It can be traced right down to 10 Downing Street and to a monocled dandy with offices in Whitehall. I know this man and one day I will name him.' Grayson disappeared soon after that. He was last seen being taken into a house owned by Gregory. His body was never found, but most historians reasonably conclude that Gregory had him murdered.

Equally the left have had their corrupt souls as well...still shows if you have one charasmatic figure then they can either FCUK up or be picked off.

Tommy Sheridan was today charged over allegations of perjury.

The former Socialist MSP was held in Edinburgh this afternoon after finishing his radio Talk 107 radio show.

Lothian and Borders police have been investigating whether witnesses lied during Mr Sheridan's defamation action against the News of the World.

advertisementThe flamboyant former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party won £200,000 damages after the newspaper accused the Glasgow MSP of taking part in orgies and cheating on his wife.

The News of the World described the jury's verdict as "perverse". Prosecutors ordered police to carry out a criminal investigation into allegations of perjury during the defamation case.

The Procurator Fiscal at Edinburgh instructed Lothian and Borders Police to begin criminal investigations in October.

Officers detained Mr Sheridan in the car park at the Edinburgh radio station.

Mr Sheridan had been the leader of the Scottish Socialist Party in the Scottish Parliament but the party then split during the defamation action. Many of his former colleagues were hostile witnesses.

He went on to lead the Solidarity party but neither he nor his former colleagues were returned to Holyrood in the May 2007 elections.

Lothian and Borders police confirmed a 43-year-old man had been detained in a perjury inquiry.

Well we see the State is a nasty old thing but politicians even radical ones are fallible human beings as well, so we shall see how things unfold.

BAE is a bigger deal than Sheridan, look how little attention this case gets...one law for the corporations may be?n More from my friends at the Corner House.

Robert Nairac here by the way

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