2 Dec 2007

Spiked equals corporate

It is no accident that Spiked once organized a conference with Hill-Knowlton on “The Future of Energy” that not surprisingly included Joe Kaplinsky, a Spiked online contributor, musing that “a crisis mentality overplays the actual problem of global warming; and on the other hand, this sensitivity to risk limits our ability to explore energy alternatives.” Just like Zbigniew Jaworowski, he believed that Chernobyl had “led to an increase in public sensitivity rather than an actual increase in risk, yet it hindered the nuclear option dramatically.”

Although the people involved with Spiked are by no means as nutty or as dangerous as Larouche, they agree with the American cult that the environmentalist movement is a threat to progress

More on the arch anti greens spiked online, who oddly evolved fromthe Revolutionary Communist Party here


Anonymous said...

'Evolved' from the Revolutionary Communist Party? They ARE the RCP, but in a more effective, entryist formation! See here, here, and just to show how paranoid their 'former' members still are (and take an interest in your stuff) here!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the use of the word 'oddly'. New Labour is stuffed full of ex-Marxists, sons and daughters of major marxists and persues an elitist Fabian agenda with utter contempt for the 'masses'. In the USA, many neo-conservatives have revolutionary trotskyist backgrounds.
New Labour are often accused of having gone 'right wing' when in fact everything nasty and elitist about them can be seen in the mindset of the Independent Labour Party with its posh eugenicists like GB Shaw and the odious Webbs.

Just because I'm anti-marxist doesn't make me a Tory. I just like a bit of liberty.

Down with marx and all his followers, left and right.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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