22 May 2008

Arab Green Parties to meet in Lebanon

had this from Arab Green Parties which is very encouraging...btw I have blogged on Islam and ecology, as you know I have some good friends and comrades who are Sufi strain Muslims (I would certainly like to say a thank you to Zee..if you are reading this thanks Zee).

Of course many Palestians are Christians and guess a fair number would have no religious identification...the great Ralph Nader is of course an Arab-American Green..any way enough of my witterings on to the Arab Green Parties

Tunis 14th May 2008
Peace in Palestine and Irak

Sixty years have passed since the terrorist groups of Haganah, Irgoun and Stern occupied Palestine. The leaders of these organizations and groups were on the lists of known terrorists sought by Great Britain. Other terrorist leaders committed massacres against the Palestinian people at Kafer Kassem and Deir Yassine … forcing inhabitants to leave their homes and lands … Since then, this Arab people has endured sixty years of exile, wars and massacres !!
After the occupation of Palestine when the United Nations Organization created two states, the Hebrew state has continuously meddled in the colonial policies of the great powers. And so the state of generals has taken part in all colonial wars in the Middle East, such as the occupation of Sinaï in 1954 and the Suez and Sinaï campaigns in November and December in 1956 with the French and British armies. The Hebrew state even supported the horrible state of Apartheid in South Africa for decades!!
Following the war in June 1967 and flouting the Geneva accords on conflicts and wars, the Israeli generals massacred Egyptian prisoners and destroyed several Lebanese towns and villages in 1974, 1982 and 2006. The whole world will never forget the massacres of Sabra and Chatila , Tel Ezzaater, Kana and Hammam Chatt in Tunisia … and now Gaza!
Yet despite all these wars, the Palestinian people resisted and gathered their strength right up until the first Intifadha. They have never stopped trying for a just and enduring peace. They succeeded after some difficult negotiations in signing the Oslo accords with the Israeli state’s leaders. But what is left of Oslo!?
Nothing! Arafat is dead, after a long illness, imprisoned in Ramallah. Rabin, the only Israeli general who believed in peace with the Palestinians was assassinated!!
At the meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil of the Global Greens Congress (more than 80 parties and 300 organizations) a motion in support of the struggle of the Palestinian and Iraqi people and condemning the war in Irak was proposed by the Greens party of the United States in agreement with the representative of Green Tunisia, and was adopted.
This support by our national coordinator for the Palestinian and Iraki people was warmly welcomed by congress delegates and in particular by the President of the Brazilian Greens party, our friend José Luiz Franca Penna.
Moreover, the « Global Greens » set up a committee of four Arab Greens parties: Green Tunisia, the Moroccan Greens (Fatima Alaoui), the Lebanese Greens and the Egyptian Greens, to set up the Arab Greens Party. This committee will meet in six months time in Lebanon.
- Peace in Palestine and Iraq
- For a viable Palestinian State
- For the return of refugees and the liberation of all political prisoners (around 11,700).

Abdelkader Zitouni
National Coordinator of the «Green Tunisia» party
Member of the European Greens Party,
Member of the African Greens Federation,
Member of the "Global Greens".
Email : tunisie.verte@gmail.com

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Paul said...

These Arab green parties don't say a lot about ecological issues in this statement of theirs do they? It's all about anti-Israeli propaganda and historical distortion. What would be great would be a combined Jew/Arab green (or any political affiliation really) initiative.

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