30 May 2008

My candidate wins the nomination for the Presidency

A black candidate wins the Presidential nomination....a women wins the nomination...my candidate wins.

Yes former congresswomen for Georgia Cynthia McKinney has picked up more than 50% of the Green Party delegates in primaries across the USA so far.

She may not win but politics is about creating a new common sense it is a battle for ideas, Cynthia is 100% anti-war, she wants to withdraw US troops from Iraq, to close all US foreign bases, she wants to keep the 'oil in the soil', she supports real action on climate change and has a long record of fighting for justice and the environment.

Last year she visited Britain, I chaired her meeting at the Brixton Green fair and I urged her to run 'Go Cynthia, go Cynthia' we chanted, she left the Democrats and sought the Green Party nomination.

The US is a corporate dictatorship, voters have no real say...the military-industrial complex, the oligarchy pick the candidates and the Mad Men sell sell...Cynthia can puts some cracks in the spectacle.

Cynthia McKinney is a friend of Chavez and Morales, every vote she gets is a vote for the politics that is transforming Latin America.

Please support her important work.

There is life beyond Bush, Obama, McCain and Clinton...vote Green in November make history.

In fact the mere fact of a feisty African-American women candidate for the Greens is history.

here is an example of her recent campaign work

Dear Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar:

It is impossible for me to say strongly enough how important your efforts are in the Czech Republic to oppose deployment of U.S. so-called missile defense bases. Your leadership is being watched and is appreciated all over the world.

While in Congress I voted against every iteration of so-called missile defense--Star Wars--that was authorized or appropriated. I want you to know that I deeply understand the dangers that will come from a decision to accept the U.S. Star Wars radar in the Czech Republic and interceptor missiles in Poland. There is no doubt that a new cold war is underway here that could once again bring Europe back into the middle of another U.S.-Russia conflict.

Your hunger strike in Prague since May 13, and now joined by others including Bruce Gagnon in the U.S., is an important effort to bring this issue to the public consciousness. The American people have been deceived at every turn by this Bush Administration and have yet to learn of the dangers and enormous cost of this new arms race we are creating. Thank you to you and to Bruce for your courageous and determined stand.

Let me assure you that as a candidate for the U.S. Green party presidential nomination, and a former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I very well understand the importance of your citizen action to demand a national referendum in your country on this deployment issue. I also understand your desire to prevent the U.S. from establishing military bases in your country after your long history of occupation by Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union. I am touched by your desire for real democracy in your country and agree that occupation and democracy are not compatible.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once remarked that the United States was the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. Sadly, that has not changed. Please know that as I campaign, I will share your stories with those I meet as I cross our nation.

Thank you all again for your demand for peace and democracy.

Cynthia McKinney
Candidate for President of the United States
Green Party

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