Chair of Stop the War to speak at Green Party Conference

'It has been confirmed that Andrew Murray, Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, will be attending the Green Left fringe meeting on ‘NATO Expansion. A new Cold War in Europe?’ at conference on Saturday at 13.00.'

We have had Mark Steel and Roberto Perez at previous Green Left conference fringes, is it fair to say we have better speakers than the main event?


Matt Sellwood said…
Have you heard Mr Murray speak, Derek...!?

Peter Shield said…
Indeed Matt, can I suggest a very strong cup of coffee before the meeting will avoid embarassement of dropping off. Nice bloke though.
Derek Wall said…
he was excellent when I heard him, you could have heard a pin drop, twice at the two RESPECT party conferences...very please to have him at GP conference
Peter Shield said…
Derek, thats because everyone was asleep! Hope all went well at Spring Conference

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