18 Mar 2009

Tescos take over pubs

This is from The Morning Advertiser this week


Tesco is planning to cash in on pub closures by converting them to small town centre stores. The supermarket giant is reported to have lodged hundreds of planning applications to take full advantage of the pub crisis. Currently around 6 pubs close for good a day.

Pubs are attractive to TESCO as they are licensed to sell food and alcohol and so do not require a change of use application. A spokesman said: "It's not specifically pubs. if we put in an application, it is because that's what would benefit the community and it has got to be in the right place."

Federation of Licensed Victuallers Ass Chef Ex Tony Payne said: "Tesco has driven pubs into the ground with deals - now it will take full advantage."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tesco alert. And I like the Green mantra:

"Consume less. Share more. Enjoy Life."

Anonymous said...

Further thoughts on "Consume less. Share more. Enjoy life." Just read Francis Moore Lappe in Resurgence magazine. She talks of disempowering eco-messages such as no growth/power down/ etc.

I know what she means!

Share More and Enjoy Life make the Consume Less message more upbeat. However I am wondering if "consume less" could be rendered as a positive. And that's as far as I have got...!

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