12 Mar 2009

My university pension funds motorway through world heritage site

Yes the USS pension is funding a company involved with the M3, the Irish Motorway that is going through Tara, one of the most important prehistoric landscapes in the world...so I am funding this destruction!

If like me you have a bit of USS action going on (I am not convinced that pensions are going to exist when I retire....we are all going to be living in a desert and fighting Tina Turner for the last tanker of biofuel), you might want to complain like me.

If you are in a political party allied to the gobshites governing in the Dail, please let them know as well...click below

TaraWatch wrote today to the UK universities pension fund, Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), who are institutional investors in Cintra, the subsidiary of Ferrovial, who are building the M3 motorway, to inform them of the ethical investment issues involved with the Hill of Tara and to ask for stakeholder engagement.

The Universities Superannuation Scheme is a pension scheme in the United Kingdom. Its members include academic and academic-related staff (including senior administrative staff) in certain United Kingdom universities. It claims to be “the second largest pension scheme in the UK by fund size.”

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Jeff Smith said...

Hi, I'm Jeff, I met you at climate camp in the summer :) We're getting an ethical investment campaign off the ground at our university, and I wondered if the pension fund that you're talking about is distinct from the university's own investments.
I don't think we'll manage it in time to save Tara, but we can do lots else

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