7 Mar 2009

Peter Mandelson is in bed with BAA and we are all being fucked over

He is evil.

He is scum.

He is the toy of corporate lobbyists.

He is in government but was elected by nobody because he is profoundly unpopular.

Climate change is another excuse to make bankers rich via carbon trading, a process that is flawed and often fraudulent.

* October 17 last year: Lord Mandelson holds meeting with Roland Rudd, whose PR firm Finsbury represents airport operator BAA.
* December 4: Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon postpones decision on building third runway at Heathrow until January.
* December 8: Rudd, representing Business for New Europe, and Business Minister Shriti Vadera attend the Global Europe Business Summit.
* December 10: Rudd attends breakfast meeting with Lord Mandelson.
* December 12: Representative of Finsbury meets Transport Minister Lord Adonis.
* December 16: Representative of Finsbury meets Lord Adonis again.
* December 17: Rudd attends a second breakfast meeting with Lord Mandelson.
* January 15 2009: Government sparks uproar by dismissing fierce opposition by approving Heathrow expansion.

We need to take control of climate change policies so they actually safeguard the future and do so in ways that promote social justice and real prosperity.

The situation is so desperate we should be making public transport free and preserving the rainforests...not nuclear power and carbon trading, which are about stuffing the pockets of the powerful with more cash.

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Strategist said...

Gosh. And I thought it was "he's a fighter, not a quitter"

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