30 Mar 2009

Prosperity without Growth

Prosperity Without Growth? says that the current global recession should be the occasion to forge a new economic system equipped to avoid the shocks and negative impacts associated with our reliance on growth. Ahead of the G20 Summit in London, the report calls on leaders to adopt a 12-step plan to make the transition to a fair, sustainable, low-carbon economy.

The report argues that growth is unsustainable ecologically, by moving to more investment for the whole of society prosperity can be created without waste. Essentially capitalism has failed and we need to replace it with something better.

My contribution to the report is here...'Prosperity without Growth, Economics after Capitalism'.

Nice they used part of title....and its even in the Metro

Our 'debt-driven consumption' has created an unstable economy which has created the current financial crisis, a government watchdog said.

The 'fundamentally flawed' system has put jobs and livelihoods at risk, as well as damaging us psychologically and socially, said Prof Tim Jackson of the Sustainable Development Commission.

Rather than using stimulus packages to get back to 'business as usual', governments meeting for the G20 summit should adopt measures to make the transition to a fair, sustainable, low-carbon economy, the Prosperity Without Growth? report said.


Jeremy said...

This sounds like an important report. Will download it tomorrow.

Rhodri@Cynnal said...

This is an important report - damn right. Its the starting gun for a massive public debate and we are already having this in Wales. On the weekend Plaid Cymru held a conference on sustainability at which the report was cited numerous times and was again much cited on Monday at another conference at which Molly Scott Cato spoke. I've blogged about it here http://sustainwales.blogspot.com/ on Monday 20th April (scroll down)

Anonymous said...

I just received the report through my brother in law who works for a large Swiss newspaper. I myself work for the European Commission and will bring it to the attention of my colleagues any time I can. I just wrote a comment about it on the blog of European Commissioner Wallstrom. Thank you for the great work and let's try to give it the exposure it deserves!

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