20 Mar 2009

From my correspondent in Guantanamo North

Against the War -- Against Empire!
[speech writ. 3/15/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ona Move! LLJA!

Dear brothas and sistas against empire!

I greet you all from America's Death Row (or, what some have called, Guantanamo North.)

As you gather today against the carnage and hell brought to both Afghanistan and Iraq, know that the rumblings and warnings of dissent, of the voices of millions back in Spring, 2003, have come true.

Many people said the war would wreak destruction not just abroad, but here at home, as the economy would crumble.

It's now 2009 -- look around you, and you can almost see things falling. This is but the latest crisis of capitalism. The stock market is a jack 'n' the box, and I needn't even mention the foreclosure crisis. It's but the latest bubble to burst.

And joblessness!

But as bad as things are here, they pale in comparison to the hell lived by millions under U.S. occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why should anyone be surprised that the most popular man in Iraq is Muntadher al-Zeidi, the journalist who launched a pair of size 10's at the American president (Bush), and not the U.S. puppet installed as Prime Minister?

In Afghanistan, the so called president is little more than the Mayor of Kabul, and also the head of the biggest heroin ring on earth.

Isn't it time to say goodbye to empire?

I thank you for your kind invitation!

Down with all Imperial Wars!

Ona Move! Long Live John Africa!

Mumia Abu-Jamal

--(c) '09 maj

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