8 Mar 2009

Leila Deen turns her self into to Le Flic

Apparently Leila Deen has turned her self into to the cops this morning, I think it would be more fun if she went on the run and released communiques and custard recipes but then may be I am old fashioned.

The situation with climate change is increasingly worrying and the Mandelson approach is to use environmental problems as an opportunity to make the rich richer.

Heathrow expansion as part of the government climate change policies is an insult but an obvious one...any way lets look forward to more custard action.

Climate change ignore, push nuclear power, promote utterly failed carbon trading.

The real alternatives from renewable energy to public transport and more local food production, indigenous control of rainforests, workers alternative plans for green production...the government just are not interested.

The guys from Plane Stupid came around my house for my 40th birthday party and proceeded to entertain my children by d-locking them to items of garden furniture, things have progressed since.

To join Plane Stupid's carnival of real climate action click here.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Hi Derek,

I'd forgotten about that party... here's hoping they grow up to continue the tradition!

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