20 Jul 2009

4 days to go in Brighton council by-election!

It's the Greens vs the Tories & we need your help in these crucial final few days

We've been campaigning hard in Goldsmid ward over the last couple of months, and it looks like we may well win here. We even have the backing of an ex-Labour councillor in the ward!

If the Greens won, it would not only make us the joint official opposition - giving us the same number of councillors as Labour, but it could also change the power of the finely-balanced city council, removing the overall control from the Tories.

It would obviously also be a massive boost to Caroline Lucas' Westminster Campaign!

Making History

This would be our first seat in Hove, and the first time we've changed a Tory seat to a Green seat in Brighton and Hove.

What can you do?

Due to the political climate at the moment, turnout will be very low, and there are still lots of people who are undecided.

If you can help with canvassing in Brighton, or tele-canvassing wherever you are, over the next 3 days, or if you'd like to help on polling day itself, please let me know.

You can email me on: alex.phillips@brightonandhovegreenparty.org.uk

We are running a full telling operation on Thursday 23rd July and will therefore need as many people as possible to knock up to get the Green vote out in Brighton!

Thanks and all the best,

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